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For 16 years, we have been creating

a safe and friendly atmosphere of a bilingual kindergarten – a second home where the highest value is the child and its development. We care for mutual respect, tolerance and respect for the individual feelings of each child, fostering the formation of good habits and self-esteem.


We improve language skills

and develop individual talents of each preschooler in an English-speaking environment. Comprehensive development of the child is based on a varied programme of activities, designed to shape the most important abilities – necessary for the child’s smooth entry into school life – through play.


We show children a healthy lifestyle

by promoting frequent walks and a love for sport. We actively cooperate with our pupils’ parents at workshops, competitions and “Cała Polska czyta dzieciom” campaign. All activities in the kindergarten during the day are held in two languages – Polish and English.

Private Bilingual Kindergarten “Kraina Czarów”

is the only bilingual kindergarten in Warsaw’s Bielany with full language immersion. It is a colourful world that we have created to support the development of your child in a harmonious and gentle environment, where each child is the most important to us.

Our teachers

“Kraina Czarów” is a place for passionate teachers who support the harmonious development of children in all its aspects, starting from emotional development, through social and linguistic development.

Terrific staff! Caring and taking an active role in children’s development. Small groups. The English speaking teacher takes care of the children the whole time. I have three children and “Kraina Czarów” is the best kindergarten I was lucky enough to cooperate with. Reasonable fee. The teachers invent games such as picture painting by blowing, theatres and music lessons. There is also a Spanish teacher working in the kindergarten. The child at the adaptation was taken by the teacher only after a second sentence of a conversation about socks. The child even wants to go there on the weekends and is disappointed that the kindergarten is closed. Brilliant kindergarten! I recommend it!
Marta Wierzchowska
“Kraina Czarów” is a colourful and child-friendly place. Warm, full of energy, young “aunts” and interesting classes make even my second daughter happy to attend and often to refuse to return home. 😉 The child is not anonymous in “Kraina Czarów” — the “aunts” are always able to tell what each of the pupils did throughout the day. Additionally, a huge plus for the ubiquitous English language in the kindergarten. I highly recommend “Kraina Czarów” to everyone looking for the perfect facility for children! 🙂
Marta Pieniak
A wonderful, warm place with a unique atmosphere. Children love to be in the kindergarten, and the English language skills can be heard every day. 🙂
Agnieszka Jas
Great kindergarten, the children are really pleased! 🙂
Adam Bąk
Przedsiębiorca uzyskał subwencję finansową w ramach programu rządowego „Tarcza Finansowa 2.0 Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju dla Mikro, Małych i Średnich Firm”, udzieloną przez PFR SA.