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The mission of our kindergarten is to educate children so that in the future they can manage best in a constantly changing world. We create a safe and friendly atmosphere of a kindergarten as a second home, where the highest value is the child and its development.

We are the only fully bilingual facility in this part of Warsaw.

The English language teaching programme is closely related to the Polish language education programme and their content is interlaced. It uses the early immersion method which is immersing children in the English language in a way similar to how infants and young children acquire their mother tongue.

Children get to know the world around them in two languages, because apart from the Polish-speaking teacher, the English-speaking teacher accompanies them during their stay in the kindergarten. A foreign language is used by children to communicate and at the same time is a tool for getting to know the world and acquiring knowledge about it. Thanks to the carefully chosen selection of all elements and the right educational aids and arranging them around topics that arouse children’s curiosity, we have created a programme with which children will learn English in the blink of an eye.

We pay a lot of attention to improving the skills and developing individual talents of each preschooler. We care about the comprehensive development of the child based on a varied programme of activities, designed to shape the most important abilities – necessary for the child’s smooth entry into school life – through play.

During 16 years of our activity, we have managed to develop and select the best teaching programmes, thanks to which “Kraina Czarów” has become an institution providing the highest level of educational services.

The main goal of the Children’s Bilingual World programme is to support the harmonious development of children in all its aspects starting from emotional and mental development through cognitive, social, linguistic and motor development.

We care for the emotional and social development of children. Establishing the right standards of conduct is as fundamental as learning to read and it is never too early to learn the behaviours that will help children become valuable adults.

Developing healthy eating habits and the health of your child is our priority, therefore, in “Kraina Czarów” we focus on accustoming children to making healthy choices.

Meet our teachers

“Kraina Czarów” is a place for passionate teachers who support the harmonious development of children in all its aspects, starting from emotional development, through social and linguistic development.