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Education of the future

Education of the future is not only about interactive boards or learning how to code, that you can encounter in our kindergarten. Our main goal is to support the harmonious development of children in all of its aspects – starting from emotional and mental development through social, linguistic and motor development.

We are not limited to one scheme. We use elements of the Dalton plan, Montessori methods, we look for new inspirations in neuropedagogy. We keep in mind children’s diversity, their different temperaments and emotions, but we also constantly try to arouse their curiosity, self-confidence and growth mindset, which will help them in their further life.

We teach children from an early age how to use their natural energy and potential to listen, focus attention, control behavior, and have good relations with others. Self-aware, able to control themselves and empathetic, highly motivated and independent children are children focused on success.

In “Kraina Czarów” kindergarten we implement a bilingual program based on the early immersion method. It is an important element, not only educational. Children learn to overcome their own communication barriers every day. They learn about the world around them in two languages, because English-speaking teachers accompany them during educational activities, play, meals, excursions, performances and all other events.

Through a healthy macrobiotic cuisine we develop healthy eating habits. The fact that our educational offer is complemented by a healthy and tasty cuisine, based on a large amount of vegetables, fruits and groats, additionally allows children to develop healthy eating habits, strengthen their immunity and ensure proper development.

Teaching children how to make healthy choices every day is also a very important part of the education of the future!

The main goal of the Children’s Bilingual World programme is to support the harmonious development of children in all its aspects starting from emotional and mental development through cognitive, social, linguistic and motor development.

We care for the emotional and social development of children. Establishing the right standards of conduct is as fundamental as learning to read and it is never too early to learn the behaviours that will help children become valuable adults.

Developing healthy eating habits and the health of your child is our priority, therefore, in “Kraina Czarów” we focus on accustoming children to making healthy choices.